Visit to Southern California

I have just come back from L.A. in the U.S. I have been in the U.S. for eight days at the same place called La Habra, which is located about a fifty minute drive from the city center of Los Angeles. My main purposes of visiting La Habra with our Rotary Club members were two things. Firstly it was to meet members of La Habra Rotary Club, which has been our sister club for twenty-four years, although we have never seen most of the members, but we know each other through our Student Exchange Program almost every year for many years. The other purpose of my visit was to join the International Convention of Rotary Club. I made a plan for this trip with my friend in the club in the U.S and tour members. We had a really good time while we were staying there, because they had prepared so many wonderful events, such as a Southern California BBQ at one of the member's houses with more than fifty guests and other parties with dancing, playing golf, swimming, Disneyland, hot rods and several events of the Rotary International Convention. We also enjoyed visiting the members' working place at the University called CSUF, a huge hospital, a lawyers’ office with twenty lawyers, a large rubber firm, a beautiful motorbike and parts shop and a successful insurance company etc. On the way back to Japan, we talked about our next meeting with our friends in La Habra Rotary Club in the near future.