Giving a presentation to junior high school students

I was invited to the Sasayama Rotary Club, which is a rotary club located in the middle of Hyogo prefecture in Japan and in the same direct as the rotary club which I belong to now, to give a speech about my internet business. The audience were 1st and 2nd year local junior high school students who are 13 to 14 year-old boys and girls. This symposium was held by Sasayama Rotary club to invite professionals of 10 different occupations including a professional baseball player, hospital management, entertainment business worker from the Takarazuka Review, a designer, internet business worker, kindergarten manager, beauty salon manager, etc., for students to think about their future occupation. After the opening ceremony about 200 students and several professionals and staff were divided into 10 groups. I gave a lecture about online shopping and the web consulting business including website of university. About 20 students came to hear what I had to say and they answered my questions correctly. For instance, they gave me better answers about what is the difference between an online shop and a real shop than I expected, after I explained about the system of the online shopping business. I hope that this opportunity could be helpful for them to think about their future occupations.